iPad | Process for Restoring from Backup

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Does anyone have a working restore process for iPads that are managed by Jamf Pro? I'm running into some trouble (outlined below) and am wondering if there is a better way than what I'm doing now. Our Jamf host says the only solution is to set all apps to install automatically, but since faculty use different apps, I do not want to force apps on their devices that they won't use (and will take up storage space).
Thanks in advance!
Currently, we use device-based assignment of apps. I have a pre-stage enrollment group set up for faculty iPads that automatically adds the correct department (and thus the correct app assignments). I can restore a backup to a new faculty iPad using iCloud or a Mac Backup (iPadOS 15.1), which includes user data and the arrangement of the home screen.
The issue is that the apps don't actually install. They appear with the download/cloud icon next to the name. When you tap the app to download it, an alert appears: 
Unable to Install app after restore.png
Tap "Keep" and then you can go into Self Service and reinstall it. After it has installed, the app contains the data from the restore process.
So the good thing is we don't lose data, but if this is the only way, faculty are going to have to go in and restore each app individually in order to finish setting up their iPad. I really need a better solution, especially for those faculty that have downloaded a bunch of apps through Self Service.
Is there a better way?

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How is the app setup to deploy?  I wipe devices all the time and they get a specific set of apps that we have assigned to them.  Mostly all the MS Office apps since I work for a school district.  The app itself is set to deploy to "All Devices".


Not knowing your whole setup you maybe can tweak how you are pushing the apps themselves.  As in.... to "All Devices", "Specific Users" and so on......

Hi @JesseC1006, thanks for responding. All of the apps that go to faculty* are available via Self Service, not automatically installed (except the Self Service app).

The lack of auto installation appears to be the main issue, even if the apps are scoped properly to the restored devices. I was hoping there was a way around this since I would prefer to give faculty the opportunity to manage their devices themselves while still retaining administrative controls. 


*Note: our student devices (used only at the Elementary level) are managed very differently: all key apps are pushed out, with some available through Self Service, and we don't typically backup and restore student devices.

I should have also mentioned that all iPads are supervised with DEP.

We aren't using self service where I am at.  So I'm not familiar with the process.  I know what it does but we just don't use it.  All the apps we are pushing out is because we want the experience the same for students and teachers.  Wether they use the app or not.

We are going to be changing this and implementing Self Service.  Just that when the pandemic hit we got about 3500 iPads and set them up very fast in very little time.  LOL. Now we are playing catch up.

Whoo! I can imagine setting up 3500 iPads in suboptimal conditions was a crazy experience! I've only done under 200 at a time...


At least for now you'll know one of the downsides to allowing Self Service usage as it relates to restoring backups. Other than that, it's a fantastic way to provide some agency and options to faculty and students. 

Between 6 or 7 of us we unbox and had about 1700 setting up all at once in one day.  We had them split up between a few rooms.  It wasn't fun.  LOL