iPad Self Service not working properly

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We provided some apps for our students using the self-service option, however, we ran out of codes for one app, and thus some students were left with a "pending" notification when they went to the App Store.

We loaded more VPP licenses, and told the students to go back to self-service, but instead of downloading the app, for those who had tried before it is stuck on "pending" with no activity at all. Very frustrating!


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Does it still do this if the students double tap the home button and kill Self Service and launch it again?

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clear the vpp codes and reupload the spreadsheet from the vpp site

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Just guessing since I do not yet use VPP - but has the Pending app install for the student's device in History been Cancelled?

What I normally do for stuck app installs (In-House) is 1) try to delete the app icon on the iPad if it is there, 2) Cancel the Pending App, 3) restart the iPad, 4) Update Inventory.