iPads can't find Time Zone by location

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I've seen a lot of older discussion about Time Zones not being found but don't see anything recent and no solutions that have solved the problem for me.

I have over 300 iPads or varying models/IOS versions. They used to find the time zone with no issues. We had a lot of changes this summer and now, once they are wiped and re-configured with a pre-stage they can't find a time zone. They just spin.

  1. Locations Services enabled
  2. Auto Time zone is on
  3. Automatic Time and date setting is not forced (so we CAN set it manually when it doesn't find the time zone)
  4. Our service provider has unblocked ANYTHING related to Apple including the IP for Apple NTP (although if I bring an ipad up on my cell phone hotspot it doesn’t resolve the time zone either)
  5. Out of the 6 different models and 3 different prestage configurations I'm troublshooting with the only one that found the proper time zone by location (NY) was a Gen 3 on IOS 9.x.x. Newer models/IOS's don't.

Any other ideas?


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Is the time right on your Tomcat instance? How about your Wireless Controller?

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Did you ever find a solution to this issue?

I have done the same troubleshooting steps and am in the same situation. I have a case open currently.

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I too am having this issue, and it is critical because I have nurses that are charting, and the software picks up the time from the iPad, so their charting is showing one day and one hour late.