UI/UX for Jamf request from 2014 that we still need in 2021

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Please go up vote this feature request from 2014 that asks for the most basic of features and some how is not implemented yet.

The fact that we cannot set the order of columns in views or exports is beyond ludicrous. Adding or removing column resorts the entire thing, especially when Jamf removes them from the system.


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I have figured out that you can get some control over display field order based on the order you check the checkboxes... more recent items appear to the left and shift older items to the right. I think. Or maybe it's the other way around... I tend to set it and forget it unless I'm saving a new inventory/search.

But I agree - this should be explicitly definable... I'd also like to see the buttons to add/remove buttons in scoping to the LEFT side... if you have a lot of info fields in your basic display you have to sidescroll right. At least the policy logs and device policy history now have the details and flush buttons in a consistent order!