iPads not performing inventory update/VPP issue

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Hey all!

JSS is running 9.97, iPads are on the newest iOS 10.3.2

When I configure them it shows the inventory update from that time, it also shows when it was enrolled. However, they never check in (inventory update) after the initial enrollment. I can however force an inventory update by going into the specific iPad -> Management -> Update inventory

This then shows in the "inventory" tab for that iPad it just updated.

I've made sure the management settings -> Mobile -> Mobile device inventory collection -> Everyday, is set correctly. I've gone through and set it to a week then tried flipping it back to "every day"

The reason I noticed this is because a VPP app that I have scoped to a smart group, does not install. It just sits on "pending" even if I force an update it still does not install. (Not scoped to users, only devices).

For the VPP issue, I've gone into VPP and refreshed the token, forced the app to refresh and also readded it. That does not make a difference the app never installs. I've waited over 24 hours, just to be sure.

I'm not sure what the cause of the issue is but it's holding up everything I need to get done with the iPads we have. :sigh:

Ideas? I know in 9.2.1 there was an issue with iPads checking in. I haven't read anyone having similar issues with the newest iOS or even JSS version.