iPads stuck in EDU mode - Apple School Manager

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We enabled Apple Education Support in JSS (but are not actually enrolled in the program yet as we are in Norway) Subsequently we disabled all the Apple Education Support features in JSS and rebooted the server.

Now when a restored iPad gets its config (pre-stage enrollment profile) from our JSS server we are stuck at the 6aee0214f750485c96575350a218e955

Apparently this prompt wants us to log in with an Apple School Manager Apple ID but we are not enrolled in this program yet. How do we get past this screen?


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Solved my own problem. I just deleted the pre-stage enrollment profile and created a new one. Viola things work fine now. I guess turning ON and the OFF the Apple Education Support leaves something in the profile. Anyway things are working now!

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If you see that screen that means that the iPad is set up as a Shared iPad. You likely had the "Enable Shared iPad" setting checked in your pre-stage enrollment initially. That'll configure iPads assigned to that pre-stage as Shared iPads, which (as you discovered) won't be particularly useful if you're not using Apple School Manager.


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Just posting to thank you for this solution. We were pulling our hair trying to figure this out. Unchecking the "enable shared ipad" did the trick. Thanks again!!!