iPhone to iPhone Migration - Managed & Supervised on iOS 16

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I need to migrate a user from iPhone A to iPhone B.

Both phones are managed and supervised through Pre-Stage Enrollment and both run iOS 16.x.

I have tried making a backup of A using Apple Configurator. However restoring to B from Configurator fails consistently.

Quick Start appears to run very quickly but does not seem to transfer apps or data. Will they appear after the user logs into iCloud?

Is a full migration even possible at all? I see q's from over a year ago, but can't find any migration guidelines from Jamf.




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I use “iMazing”. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help. 👍

How are we able to do it using iMazing?

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Apples methodology and workflows for device migrations are very user driven, I suggest not getting in the way of that. If the user logs in to setup assistant with their AppleID, they will be presented an option to recover from an iCloud backup providing one exists when setting up the phone. 0 touch is the best touch, always reprovision devices between users and let the user go through automated device enrollment.

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Thanks for the replies.

If the user does not have an iCloud backup is there another zero-touch option? Should the direct transfer (phone-to-phone) option in Quick Start  work?

Also, how do you define 'reprovision' the device in this instance?
Many thanks.


@GoingUndergroud Quick Start is not supported by MDM solutions. The enrollment process will fail / device is not manageable. Best way would be to let the user backup his first device with Finder on macOS or iTunes on Windows and generate an encrypted backup to move passwords with you. On the 2nd device (new device) I show the screen on prestage enrollment called Apps & Data where you have the option to Restore from a Mac or PC. Transfer Directly from iPhone will be not available on this screen when Phones are managed by MDM.

When you wipe a device (in your case your new device) you will see an option after choosing wipe device to suppress proximity setup. That is the Quick Start option. I often enroll my new devices and then wipe them with this option before handing them out so users will not see Quick Start 😀

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