iPhone vs MacBook

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I've been tasked with determining ALL of the rouge MacBooks connected to our corporate WiFi network. While we do have a process for provisioning new Macs, we have a large number of users who purchase them on their own and expense them after the fact, bypassing our setup and enrollment process.

I've got a script to identify ALL of the active WiFi connections (runs twice a day), so I can merge the daily reports and get a list (running total) of all of the unique MAC addresses (not to be confused with "Macintosh") connected to WiFi. And while I can weed out the actual Apple products via Apple's (Infinity Loop's) registered MAC Addresses, I don't know if they're iPhones or Macintosh Laptops. I don't care about iPhones, I just want to Mac laptops.

How can I get a listing of JUST the Macintosh laptops connected to our corporate WiFi network?

What say you, JAMF Community? Anyone run into this scenario before and needed the same information?

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What kind of wireless network do you have? I know our network folks are able to differentiate between Mac hardware and iOS devices. Not sure off hand if its our ASA's or the Aerohive units, but let me know what you use and I can certainly ask.

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Yep @Rosko has it! Hopefully your wireless controller can tell you! In our case we use Aruba/Clearpass. Since we make our users log in via their AD credentials we can simply spit out a list of all the devices, and their 'fingerprints' (i.e. device types). You wouldn't even need this much info, just the fingerprints! That said, there may be some way to recognize the HW addresses but I don't believe that they are registered by Device type in the first place (Even if Apple sets them that way). With any luck, someone else will jump in and prove me wrong.