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Good Morning JAMF Nation, Occasionally our imaging team will have a process fail, when this happens the computer ends up in the Site: None, instead of where it should be. As we have our environment broken out into several sites, they can not see into...
If you haven't seen this yet, check our Apple KB HT205054. Has anyone looked in to ways of automating this? Anyone know if JAMF is going to embed this process into Casper Imaging and Composer?
Okay, this is the first time creating a custom configuration profile so I want to be sure this is correct. I am trying to push a setting to disable the preview column in columns view. Here is what I have for a plist to upload. StandardViewOptions...
I know this is a non-JAMF question, but figured this is probably the best place to go for knowledgeable SysAdmins. We are going to be expanding one of our remote sites and are looking at local storage options at that site. At first we were planning t...
So here are a couple screenshots of what we are seeing when we open up the inventory of a system in the JSS...external image linkexternal image link This is all happening immediately when we open a computers inventory. All the fields show on the main...