IPP Printing?

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Has anyone managed to get IPP printing working from macOS?

We are predominately a Windows shop and our print server is hosted on a Windows 2019 Server VM. As SMB is no longer a possibility, I set up an IPP queue on it and am attempting to send jobs to it from test Macs but nothing appears in the printer queue on the server.

On the client side, when sending the job I see an information pop-up appear but I can't work out what it is saying as it disappears after half a second. I don't get the printer icon in the Dock like we used to with SMB printing.

Is the IPP version on Windows compatible with later macOS revisions, or is this where third-party solutions come in (such as PaperCut etc.)?


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We switched to using Mobility Print with papercut. Just seems to work where as the scripts we had running to install printers and drivers would work for a while but then fail. Was probably something we where doing wrong but we don't have many MACs as we're mainly Windows here so Mobility Print just seemed like the best option.

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I've only recently dabbled in IPP to prepare for the eventual problems with drivers. Tested only on one HP printer so far with the Everywhere driver and seemed to print fine (duplex as well). Tested scoping and properly added, as well as printed. Added it via bash as such:

lpadmin -D Media\ Center\ Printer -p IPP_Media_Center -L Media\ Center -E -o printer-is-shared=false -v ipp:// -m everywhere

Edit: Forgot to mention, we are not using a print server.


Adding a printer requires a couple of things. First, you need a PPD file (thought if you don't care about double sided and such like you can use Generic), then you add the printer using `lpadmin`. IPP print queues add the same way as printers.

There is some great documentation on the print system and networks at https://www.cups.org/doc/network.html

Also check out  `man lpadmin`

I have a really long script I use to add printers during enrolment. If you are *really* stuck hit me up and I will see about cleaning it for public release.

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True to a point, but CUPS will be removing support for drivers i.e. PPDs in an upcoming release(3.0 maybe??) so using -m everywhere for IPP printing or using AirPrint will be supported methods after that point.


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Check Firewalls and Ports for IPP printing! If that's working then is sounds like Drivers are not correct.

Also do you use Follow Me Printing?

We setup Everyone Print on Premise Product with our Print Solution, with a really big script we are able to do the follow me Printing, but I wouldn't recommend EOP.

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IPP on Windows server uses port 80 so don't forget about that. It's also an older implementation versus what's included in CUPS on your clients so using IPP Everywhere won't work with it.


Don't forget the IPPs part when checking your scripts/firewalls.


We are currently adding printers through a policy like this:

lpadmin -p PRINTERHOSTNAME -v socket://PRINTERHOSTNAME -o printer-is-shared=false -E -P /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/REsources/HP\ LaserJet\ Pro\ M404-405.gz

With the deprecation of print drivers I have successfully been able to add printers with this in a script:

lpadmin -p PRINTERHOSTNAME -o printer-is-shared=fales -E -v ipês://PRINTERHOSTNAME/ipp/print -m everywhere


A few questions:

1) IT would prefer we use our Windows print server. If we do use our server, is IPPS supported? Would it require something like PaperCut?

2) If we use a print server and IPPS is not supported would it still work once printer drivers are deprecated?

3) is IPPS secure? There has been some concern that it would be exposed on the internet if enable directly on the printers. From what I'm reading IPPS is very secure.