Issues with a config profile that shows cancelled

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We have a restriction profile set and we're modifying the defer software updates, so users don't see any notifications. It's not deploying all devices, when you go to the log, at a certain point, the devices start saying it was cancelled and it won't install.


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We are having this issue with a configuration profile as well.


If I look at the inventory for one of the devices in question, it shows the profile installed, but the logs show it as canceled.


Did you happen to discover a resolution for this?

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We didn't. I was just excluding and then removing the exclusion and it would add them back correctly. Right now we have 271 Mac's and the config is set to all computers and users, but it only completed on 231

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Hey All; 

Any insight on this topic .. we similarly have the same issue .. a vital configuration profile failed then cancelled  for a substantial amount of computers .. doesn't seem like there is any knowledge  base on this particular issue or how to remedy it