Issues with Guest account in Catalina


Just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same issues we are.

Ever since updating to Catalina, our guest account keeps getting disabled on our iMacs. We have to go in manually and untick and retick the guest account before you can log in as guest. This works for a period of time and then the issue occurs again.

The guest account is being enforced by a config profile on the relevant machines, and it's a config profile we have been using for about 4 years. This is only happening since updating to Catalina. I have removed and readded the config profile several times and no change.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is anyone else seeing this issue?



I can confirm that we have the same issue.


We have been having the same issue here. We have not had the account stop working after the initial reset, but I guess that is something I need to look out for. Thanks for the heads up @a.holley .

From what I have found, this is a Catalina issue. I have heard that this happens on non-jamf computers as well.

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Yes, we are having the same issue as well. Has anyone come up with a fix?


If you have your login window configured for guest use in jamf, I've needed to go into the computers and uncheck the box for guest access, then restart. then you can log in as a guest. If anyone has a way of automagically, via script or magic wand, to do this in an automated way I'm all ears.

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Modifying the OS version check in the following script (line 32) got it working for me in Big Sur (11.5.2): 

Also, change the $1 variable on line 105 to $4 so you can upload to Jamf & use parameter 4 to control enable/disable of the account.