Jamf 10.48 Beta Software update

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Hello community. 

Latest release of JAMF pro 10.48 introduces software updates with a new user experience. has anyone already done some test with this new feature? any particular point of attention here before sending this out? are there any regarding Macs that are not running the latest major version of macOS? Big Sur, Monterey.. 

Many thanks to all for any heads up that can spare time 😃


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I wouldn't know, it isn't an option on my on-prem server. And with 0 downtime in the last 6 months, I'm not willing to sacrifice that for Jamf's abysmal cloud SLA

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This was tested by some that opt-into beta testing.  That said, I wasn't able to enable it on my (on-prem) server running the 10.48 Beta.  I posted this as feedback, but got zero response/acknowledge from anyone at Jamf regarding it.  I haven't installed the GA release to test it yet.  But it was "available" to turn on with the 10.48 beta, just failed to enable.

Forgot to update this after upgrading my non-prod environment to 10.48 GA last week.  It still fails on that instance.

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I enabled this on my on-prem dev server running 10.48.0 (prod is 10.46 for now). I have the nice new Software Updates on the sidebar. I updated a group using this and was thinking the progress would be displayed there but it is not. I'll keep testing.

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Ah, so this did work for you with an on-prem instance?  That's great to hear.  Guess I'll be submitting a ticket to Jamf Support then...

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Yes, it sort of worked for on-prem. I was able to use the new beta update on a single test Mac. I was expecting to see the progress on the new sidebar update area but progress did not show up there.

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To update this again, there are two PIs for this issues:

PI112264 - When attempting to enable the new software updates experience the following error is displayed: Cannot toggle feature. Try again.  The suggested workaround from Jamf Support was:

After selecting the "Use new experience" button, we should eventually see the Software Update Experience is enabled after refreshing the page. This may take some time to reflect within the Jamf Pro Server after refreshing the page.

Which did not work for our instance.


PI112329 - This symptom is the same, however, this PI was created based on what we discovered was the issue, which is an issue that has been present and affected multiple new features since (at least) 2020.  Specifically, if your Jamf Pro account receives permissions via a group, you cannot utilize the feature.

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I am getting mixed results. I have yet to see it update an iOS device. macOS has been 50/50 in testing thus far...

Okay so no improvement. 

I wonder, if it's just a graphical redesign, why does it cancel inflight updates to enable? 

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It's not a graphical re-design.  It's a complete overhaul to the backend -- which is much needed...like with so many of Jamf Pro's individual back end services.....

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Just tested this morning, with upgrading an M1 from 13.4.1 to 13.5, with 2 deferrals.  The command was sent successfully, but I never got any notification on the machine. It just rebooted automatically and applied the update.


So I was using this Beta feature for sometime and it didn't seem like devices were getting updated. We had ~300 devices that needed iOS updates and over the course of 2 weeks only 20-30 updated. 

I ended up disabling the beta and going back to the old way of sending updates to devices and in 1 day nearly over 200 of the devices updated. 

Just a little feedback for Jamf... Doesn't seem like the new way works well.

I was looking to use this feature but read it only works with managed (supervised) devices that were enrolled with pre-stage enrollments. Is that what you tested on?


Also, can you let me know what your "old" way of doing the updates is? I am having trouble getting my fleet to update and possibly provide a deferral option.

Yes, all of our devices are managed with pre-stages from DEP.

The old method is running a search or having a Smart Group and then clicking the Action button at the bottom. For example I have a Smart Group that pulls devices that are under OS version 16.6.1 (current version). I then click View > Action > Send Remote Command > Update OS Versions on supervised devices > Select your options that best fit your need.

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I decided to try it out this morning with a group of around 20 machines with a deferral count of 5. Tested on my MacBook all last week and this week with 13.5.2.

My COO's MacBook decided to ignore the deferrals and force restarted in the middle of a meeting. That was nice.

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Tested with 13.6.3: I tested the "Download, install, and restart" and that seemed to work, but when I tested "Download, install, and allow deferral" there was no prompt to defer. I do get a warning the computer will restart in 60 sec. but nothing happens.

I'll go back to Nudge but the only issue at the moment is the 90 days from release has expired for Sonoma. So, Sonoma is the first to be listed in Software Update. We are still on Ventura and the user will need to know how to scroll down to "Other Updates Available”, and click on More Info…” then the 13.6.3 update will be revealed. Not ideal.