Jamf 10.6 reports-what are you seeing?

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I am very eager to get past the web UI slowness that we have been experiencing since moving to 10.4 from 9.101. Clicking on things like policies, and other places take up to 30 seconds to render on any browser I use. Multiple Site Admins are experiencing this too. I have been promised by support that 10.6 should resolve this.

Before I jump to 10.6 I would like to hear from anyone that has. is the JSS faster, slower, the same? Any show stoppers? Anything broken?

I held off going from 9.101 to 10.x until 10.4 was out thinking that I was good to go. But, there were a lot of performance issues with Tomcat taking up 100% of the server resources. I do not want to make the same mistake just before our academic year starts.


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Confirmed the slowness as well

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I have moved to 10.6 and can definitely confirm that the Computer Inventory search is much snappier. Instead of the normal lag I would see keying in filter criteria, it's responding real time.

More importantly, the disabled camera bug has been fixed!

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@Randydid PI-005903 is not resolved in Jamf Pro 10.6.0.

You may want to take a look at Jamf Pro Policy Editor Lite. (Version 1.1 is available on GitHub.)

Jamf Pro Policy Viewer.sh is a slimmed-down version which launches a browser to view the selected policy, bypassing the slow-as-molasses ../policy.html page.

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Thanks! That PI is the single reason I was driven to move to 10.6 sooner rather than later. We will be waiting until 10.7 and/or after Fall Semester is well under way.

I would still like to see reports about 10.6 and 10.7


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yeah, our rep said that PI-005903 is not quite fixed yet, but that there should be some improvement in general...
(we've seen PI-005569 and PI-005793)---
so i'm waiting to see what new issues may popup, but otherwise we will likely go to 10.6, since 10.4.1 is a bit drag.