Jamf and Umbrella

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Working with a K-12 and they are mac-centric as well as using Jamf. They want to get more protection (younger students have no youtube, older kids have restricted youtube). From what i gather Jamf and do this on a limited basis but for what the customer wants it's going to take a third party. Umbrella was recommended esp that it's security connector can work on iOS devices. Looking for some recommendations and shared experiences on deployments. They have about 280 ipads and macbooks combined.

We also have an ASA and Firepower we can leverage.


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I previously worked in K-12. Cisco Umbrella is nice but potentially not strong enough. Maybe it's improved. But previously it was basically blocked domain names. So if some other site pops up that sort of hides YouTube in a different URL it'll work most likely still for them. We found Securly was the best fit for iPads and younger grades as it had better control. But it came with a number of issues as well.

Long story short, no perfect option.