Device retirement, best practise


I'm in my 3rd year of using Jamf Pro now and the first machines that will be retired are popping up. For audit purposes I would like them to remain within Jamf Pro (as there is no export that I can see) but that means that they screw up my patch reports as they obviously are no longer being patched.

Curious how others deal with this.


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First and foremost, it is important to recognize that Jamf Pro is not an asset management tool or solution. The reason why is that so much of the asset data in jamf can be manipulated as the device changes hands, it doesn't do a good job of retaining that information easily (nor should it, really), and there are many workflows in which you straight up delete an item from jamf in order to re-enroll it.

You can export any smart search as a csv! Smart Searches are like Smart Groups, but they are only queried when you run the search. For items you are deprecating, unmanaging the device in the JSS will make sure that you do not use a seat license for that machine. You could then create a smart search for "Managed Is Unmanaged" and then export your CSV that way.

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Another thing to keep in mind even if you don't have those devices anymore Jamf still counts them as part of your licenses even if they don't check-in. We had about 350+ computers up until a few months ago we had disposed of but not removed out of Jamf. We now are using Jira for asset management and it is much better for us long term to use this and not rely on information from Jamf. Needless to say by removing those extra machines we also saved a ton of money during our renewal as at one point we did have to true up as we had no tracking on where some of those machines were actually located or truly disposed of.

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If a device is unmanaged it will not count towards your license count.

I have 617 managed machines but 121 unmanaged machines. Those 121 don't count towards my limit cap of 625.

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Is there a way to exclude unmanaged devices from your reports?

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@jonathan.dye When you create your report use a Criteria of Managed is Managed