Jamf App catalog apps via self service

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While testing Jamf App catalogs apps via self-service, I noticed that if the app is deleted from a Mac, the deployment status in the App catalog does not change, and it still shows as installed. While going through the FAQs, I noticed that it mentions that the app will not re-install, but when the new version is released, it will be installed back on.
My question is, does that only apply to apps set to auto-install, or does it work the same way for apps installed via self-service? 


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For self service app installers: I believe once a new update for an app is available, if it has been deleted form a device, then Jamf will make the installer available via self service again, but does not auto-install said update if the application has been removed. But that’s a big “I Think”, as I haven’t actually tested this myself.

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Yeah, thats what I am guessing too. I hope in future releases, Jamf provides more control over this because sometimes it is important to be able to uninstall and re-install an app. 

Ok, thanks.

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This is a known issue with the current version of the Jamf Apps in Self Service feature. In Self Service, it also doesn't indicate that the application has been uninstalled and leaves the button to say "Open", which can be confusing to some users.

I have a feature request in that discusses this and provides a potential solution. You can find that here, please look over and vote if you agree this needs to be added in to make this a complete solution.

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Agreed! and just voted :) 

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Really surprised that they didn't add this functionality from the beginning.

Does anyone have a workaround besides waiting for an app update?

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I know this post is a little bit old but I figured the people here may know.  If I create the package in JAMF App Catalog, i get the option to install automatically or make available in self service.  If i just make it available in self service and I set an update deadline will it update the app if the user already had it installed but did not install from the created package?  That kind of logic would be nice if not.  

The other side of the coin is if I set it to automatically install and it is already installed, will it reinstall and how disruptive is it if anyone has any experience with this? 

We are using a workflow similar to this to maintain and "capture" any rogue installs of certain browsers that get zero days constantly (looking at you, Chrome) and make sure they stay on a latest version. So, to answer your question, in our experience it will update any installs of that application whether it came from the Jamf Apps packaged installer or not, but that is using the "Install Automatically" setting with a target group of devices that already have the app installed. I would definitely build some test scenarios, perhaps install an older version of an app from the web, add it to a target group of the jamf app policy of that same app (smart group with just the computer name as criteria is quickest way i've found), and see if the app gets updated automagically in the update deadline you set.

As for the user experience, you can definitely set how aggressive or not you'd like that to be and whether it gives warning for it closing and opening the app when it does install the update in the 'End user experience' tab of the Jamf App policy