Jamf Binary Not updating

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I have a bunch of machines that are not on the right Jamf binary version is there any way I can push a new version to the machines that are our of date?


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Do these machines still check in? Can you check on some why they don't update? There is a flag that would prevent clients from updating ("do_not_upgrade_jamf"), which usually should not be set, but we have seen it activate, probably due to a mistake we did during a jss update on the server. If that flag is set and the client stays behind a manual intervention on the client was needed to remove the flag and allowing the update to take place.

We have seen many other reasons why clients stop to check-in, and they will of course miss the update.

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Using the Recon program on them to do a new enrollment normally will do the update.

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Here is an EA that I've used in the past to see if the do_not_upgrade_jamf key is set.


plist="/Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.jamf" # Absolute path to the plist

echo "<result>`defaults read $plist do_not_upgrade_jamf`</result>"

exit 0

If it is, i had a policy that runs to remove it. On next check-in it would update jamf.

defaults delete /Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.jamf do_not_upgrade_jamf