Jamf command not found

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Does anyone know why I would be getting a "Jamf command not found" when I am trying to sudo Jamf policy on a machine that has been running Jamf via DEP?


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Try running it with the full path to the binary. If that doesn't work it could be because the device is MDM enrolled via DEP but the binary got uninstalled or never was somehow. In that case you'll need to re-enroll the device so the binary is reinstalled.

sudo /usr/local/jamf/bin/jamf policy

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jamf should not be capitalized. That is your problem.

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Im also facing the same issue but if run any command of sudo jamf recon/policy/manage/mdm/removeframework nothing works. Its happening whenever re-enrolling the mac and i can see MDM & other profiles are getting installed.

Anyone come across this kind of issue ?


Check the Jamf binary and agent exist.

ls -la /usr/local/jamf/bin/

What method are you using to enroll machines? And what OS version is being used?

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We just upgraded JAMF Pro to 10.26.1 and are testing our clients. Catalina is not experiencing any issue with enrollment nor functions with JAMF Pro. However, Big Sur is having an issue. We are using our on prem infrastructure url to enroll https://mycompany:8443/enroll The Cert and MDM are installing fine - all the config profiles come down, but Self Service never installs and there is no /usr/local/jamf folder. No JAMF commands work, yet I see no errors. Not seeing this behavior in 10.26.0

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I'm seeing the exact same thing @simonep


Same thing @simonep and @morgan .... what's the work around, or how did you fix?!

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Was this ever resolved?

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Just throwing this out there to help all with scripts. To find the full path use the "which" command in Terminal.

which jamf



That way you can find where any of the commands reside, and use their correct full path in scripts.

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I didn't have the Jamf Binary, it was a problem with one of the config profiles that was pushed to the MacBook air. The specific setting that would cause the jamf binary and self-service not to come down was in Computer< Configuration Profiles< [select the profile]< Restrictions and then in the "Applications" tab on the Restrictions section I had "Require Admin password to install or update apps" checked on. This had to be unchecked for the jamf binary to come down.

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Great find, ChaseEndy!

agardner, If the user can remove profiles, remove the MDM profile and re-enroll, for example via https://YOURCOMPANY.jamfcloud.com/enroll - use Safari for this.

If the user CANNOT remove the MDM profile, you need to get rid of it somehow and re-enroll the machine.