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Hi, I'm having trouble getting this script working. It test successfully when running the script locally on my machine, but when run through the JSS the change default location isn't working, screenshots still go to Desktop, and the script throws no ...
Is there anyway to choose what field to pre-sort or default use to sort results by? I get a weekly report, which is great, but I can't just open it and see the important results, which are only relevant if the results are sorted by a particular colum...
We have users who mindlessly backup their iPads and iPhones to their company computers, taking up a lot of space on their drive, is there an easy clean way to disable their ability to do this?
Hello! I was wondering if you issue a wipe command on a drive that is FV2 encrypted, does the process handle removing the encryption for the user to reinstall the OS? We're dealing with a few people leaving the company but retaining their computers. ...
Has anyone managed to pull this off? I'd like a number of files listed on the desktop so I can smart group those offenders with tons of junk on their desktop, or even in their downloads folder. I thought ls | wc -l ~/Desktop might work but it doesn't...
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