Jamf DEP Enrollment Issues

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We recently started using Jamf Cloud to manage our Macs at my company, and I've been having issues with some of the DEP Enrollments not finishing and not checking in after the enrollment, and I'm not sure how to diagnose this issue.

Current process in Jamf: I'm using Apple Business Manager to enroll our Macs into our Jamf instance and assigning them to our PreStage profile. I'm also using Jamf Connect to manage logging in with Okta, and the DEP Notify scripts - both of which get pushed as packages during Prestage. We had a few Macs that we sent to users new in the box, and some of them didn't get the Jamf DEP profile at all, probably due to the users not joining Wifi, or some other network issues. We solved this by having our IT department boot the Macs up to the Jamf Connect login window before sending them to our users, but we're still having issues even when doing this - I had one that got the Jamf framework, but not Self Service, and a few got Self Service, but didn't run the DEP Notify process from the Launch Agent. They also are not checking in or updating inventory on their own, until we run ```
sudo jamf recon
``` from the machine directly, then they will start to check into the Jamf console and update policies, etc.

I'm fairly new to managing Jamf on my own, and am not even sure where to start diagnosing these issues; I can't seem to find any solutions via Google - any help would be greatly appreciated here.



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a couple questions for you, are they all getting the connect login screen when turning on? and then from there how long are you waiting for them to check in again to finish the policies. for my environment everything will hit the connect page and then will finish the polices within 15 to 20 mins as that's when it checks in again. if its hitting the splash page and then not checking back in you may need to check your firewall and see if that's blocking anything.