Jamf Enrollment URL User

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Hello there, i have a problem, when i roll out a Macbook i want the user to enter the URL and log in with his username and password Then the enrollment should start and the Macbook is assigned to him.

Current status: I enter the URL and enter my Jamf Admin User. Only then I can assign the device to someone in LDAP.


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Is the user associated with an LDAP group that has permissions to enrol computers and/or mobile devices?

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I am assuming this is "No". Is there anyway to allow a "standard user" to install the MDM profile? We have people working from home, who suddenly want to get enrolled into JAMF by URL. Too little, too late. Most are standard users as we would like to get them enrolled, but guess that's impossible if they are not admins to install the profile and to manually Approve it.