Jamf feature announcement?

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I thought at last years JNUC there was a feature announcement that was along the lines of automated email of reporting coming in the next version or two (back then). Did that ever come out or was I imagining it? I haven't seen any fanfare about it and didn't see anything that stuck out to me in Jamf Pro's various screens and settings...


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Check under "Emailing an Advanced Computer Search Report". Believe the feature works the same for mobile devices.

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I am looking forward to being able to use this feature, however we just need JAMF Cloud to provide their own SMTP server.. E-mail notifications are not possible now that we have moved to a cloud hosted environment We can't open up our internal server or use a 3rd party at this time.

There is a 4 year old Feature Request for this here: https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/3624/include-smtp-server-for-a-hosted-jss