jamf.log permissions?

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I've been using a function for a while in my scripts that echo's the input to stdout for Jamf to pick up when writing to the server logs when a policy runs, but also to a local .log file. If it's not an intensive script, I'll just append it to the jamf.log file using something like the line below:


echo $(fHeader) "$1" >> "/var/log/jamf.log"


While writing a script, I didn't see the log file I was expecting, so I just threw the line in to see something since it's always worked in the past. However, it completely wiped my existing jamf.log file and only put lines from the script my policy ran. If I do a `sudo jamf recon`, I don't see anything in the jamf.log file even after deleting and recreating the file.


What am I missing? Was there a recent permissions change that messed things up? I'm currently running Monterey 12.5.


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The JAMF.log should have permissions of 644, an owner of root and group of admin. If the permissions have been changed the commands below should set them back.



sudo chmod -R 644 /var/log/jamf.log
sudo chown root /var/log/jamf.log
sudo chgrp admin /var/log/jamf.log