Jamf missing on Mac

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We have a 2016 MacBook Pro purchased under DEP, and automatically enrolled in the JSS on it's first day 1/27/2017. Seeing that it had not checked in since 2/24 we reached out and asked the user if there were problems with it (no) and would they bring it in. They brought it in today and there are no profiles nor the jamf command line tool nor the Self Service app. What's the best practice for restoring the enrollment?


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If the binary is still intact, you can use sudo jamf enroll to re-enroll it. Otherwise, you can either use Recon or the user-initiated enrollment to re-enroll it.

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i have this problem come back every now and then after a Casper Image but also some machines will drop off after some time (still havent figured out the reason for that). If i can get my hands on the machine, then a quick re-enroll will reconnect it to the server and resync with the shell profile for this machine as the UID stays the same even if i wipe it.

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We have a modified version of this to make sure machines always have the binary installed.


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Not sure what your pre-stage enrollment looks like, but if you want it to run through the DEP enrollment, I believe you can do:

rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

to have that part of it kick off after it restarts. Depending on what you are skipping in the pre-stage it can be more of a hassle than using a quickadd pkg or web enroll, etc.