Adobe Flash Player Vulnerability Addressed with

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Not sure if this is big news or not, but this just came across my radar earlier today.


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I will be so glad when Flash finally dies. I no longer install it for users. I make it available in Self Service in case a user must have Flash for certain websites. I advise my users to not install Flash unless it is necessary. I have went without Flash installed on both of my Macs for over a year with no problems.

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Yay, another Adobe Flash update!!

I submitted several requests for "permission to distribute" (like permission to jump off a roof).

Never got a response, which, I suppose is a blessing in disguise.

I can't wait until McAfee quarantines Flash Player.

Or for Adobe CEO to drive a stake through it's heart.

It's pure garbage, but I can understand, a lot'a people put food on their plates because of it.

Kind of like folks who punch holes in rooftops, when they're the only roof repair business in town.


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I tried deleting Flash from our Macs but I quickly found that it is required for vSphere. Our vSphere administrator says there's lots of chatter in message boards about dumping Flash as a requirement, but the impression they're getting from VMware is "don't hold your breath"

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@AVmcclint vsphere webclient works ok for me in Chrome (for now)