Jamf Nation Pro .pkg upload failing


Hi all,

I am unsure where to go with this. I just opened a ticket as well.

I have an issue where all .pkg uploads are failing. I have tried it multiple times with the following method

  1. used AUtoPkg to push - failed after in pending
  2. manually uploaded via web - pending -> fail
  3. Jamf admin 10.25.1, and 10.25.2 upload, failed 4 I tried this on a machine with BigSur, Catalina, and Mojave and still failed

I did open a ticket but wanted to see if there is another method that i haven't tried. If anyone had this issue or is having it, how long does it usually persist for.

I have tried multiple naming conventions and it definitely not that.


New Contributor II

I chatted with Jamf support and they stated that there is a minor outage regarding distribution points, and that they are currently working on it. They pointed me to the https://status.jamf.com webpage for updates.