Jamf Now to Pro Upgrade

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I am looking into getting Jamf integrate into the business I work for and we don't currently have enough devices to justify paying for Jamf Pro but I think that might change when we are a bit more 'Mac-friendly'

Is it possible to start on Jamf Now and then upgrade all the device licenses to Jamf Pro without too much hassle, say a year down the line?



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Hi Zach !

As far as I'm aware you would have to re-enroll all of your devices to your Jamf Pro JSS in the event that you would switch to Jamf Pro, this can be somewhat of a big task depending on the amount of devices you have. Have you looked into maybe getting Jamf Pro through an MSP Provider such as forget computers (Robot Cloud) ? They would be able to eventually change you off from their JSS to your own relatively easily.


I remember at one JNUC they said you can upgrade from Jamf Now to Jamf Pro without having to re-enroll. It was a feature of their cloud offerings. I would definitely reach out to Jamf directly to hear from them.

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Cheers for the info guys.

I ended up having a chat directly to Jamf (this post took a while to get moderation) and they said that you can't upgrade between the two platforms unfortunately