JAMF Patch Management Titles Not Up-to-date

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I have been using JAMF Pro's Patch Management Functionality for Many years, however the last few weeks I have found that the Patch titles from JAMF aren't always up to date like they used to be. JAMF Patch titles for the office suite show the latest version as (16.57.22011101)  when its actually 16.58 and this is for the Legacy Definition the one for 365/2019 is even worse and JAMF Protect is showing the latest version as 3.1.5 when the latest version is 3.1.6. 


Is anyone else experiencing these issues and know how we can resolve? Its annoying as I use this to determine which apps need patching and without up to date information its hard to do.


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If I look at the patch definitions currently for Microsoft Office Applications (both the legacy and new definitions), they are all showing 16.58 for me currently.

If you're using the Jamf definitions, I would recommend maybe reaching out to support as those show the definitions were updated a week ago on my Jamf Instance

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We're experiencing a similar issue. Both legacy and non-legacy definitions of the Office apps are showing 16.57. Also seeing some legacy definitions are more up to date than the non-legacy ones. I literally had to revert back to the legacy definitions for both Google Chrome and Box Drive this week. We've opened a support ticket.

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I was seeing this with Google Chrome. It was showing 98.x.x was latest for the last month or two. I deleted the patch policy / definition completely and re-added it, now definitions go up to very latest 100.x.x that just came out a couple days ago. Strange behavior. I think our other apps definitions are updating though. Not sure about Office.

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Can confirm. We ended up doing exactly that for all of the definitions that weren't updating. No issues since and it's been a solid month.