Jamf Premium Support

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I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me about your experience with JAMF Premium level support as noted here:

We have had JAMF-PRO in our K-12 Edu environment for a few years and are starting to think with how everything is heavy MDM on the iPad, Mac is going that way, and we have such a small IT support crew for these things the added turn around time and direct support channels could be beneficial. Just curious how others experience has been.

Any info appreciated. Thanks!



This is our first year with Jamf and we got the premium support for the first year at least as this is the first year where we plan on being 1:1 with iPads. You get assigned a dedicated support rep that will work with you on all your tickets and be available if you have questions. So far it's been really nice. I cannot comment on how the normal level of support is though as again its our first year. We are also a K-12 district with a few Macs but getting more everyday. The responses we get are usually within an hour or 2 and either a WebEx is started or a phone call shortly after to try and resolve the issues.