Jamf Pro 10.22.1 - Cloud Upgrade Schedule

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Hi Jamf Nation,

I'd like to provide an update on our cloud maintenance plans since last weekend's security issue impacted our previously-announced schedule.

This weekend's window was originally meant for a patching maintenance. We will repurpose it to instead upgrade Standard Cloud instances to Jamf Pro 10.22.1. This version fixes the security issue that was present in 10.22.0.

Read the full release notes here and feel free to leave questions in the comments below.


Cloud Upgrade Schedule
Your Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environments, will be updated to Jamf Pro 10.22.1 based on your hosted data region:

Hosted Region Begins Ends
ap-southeast-2 June 26 at 1400 UTC June 27 at 0000 UTC
ap-northeast-1 June 26 at 1500 UTC June 26 at 2200 UTC
eu-central-1 June 26 at 2200 UTC June 27 at 0800 UTC
eu-west-2 June 26 at 2300 UTC June 27 at 0300 UTC
us-east-1 June 27 at 0400 UTC June 27 at 1700 UTC
us-east-1 sandbox June 27 at 0000 UTC June 27 at 0900 UTC
us-west-2 June 27 at 0700 UTC June 27 at 1100 UTC

Next Steps
Need assistance identifying the Hosted Data Region of your Jamf Cloud instance? Check out this guide for assistance.

If you want to be alerted when your upgrade kicks off, subscribe to alerts here.

For information on what’s new in Jamf Pro 10.22.1, please review the release notes.


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This was a terrible update. Please fix these DEP and Apple Push issues. Quickly.

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Hello @pranzinic,

Do you mind to clarify your comment? We are going to upgrade to this version soon.

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@pranzinic, we've been down since the 29th. @takayuki ref:_00D80cOw4._5000h1h1IBg:ref zero updates other than the two emergency maintenance windows.

Meanwhile I'm sitting on 900 devices that need to be enrolled and I've had to send my summer help home without pay.

The current support model is a lot like the old support model. There is absolutely nobody to call when support doesn't follow up. This is fine as long as the product works. Times like now, it's incredibly frustrating to the point where I'm seriously looking at https://mosyle.com/ and https://www.kandji.io/

Seriously JAMF, how do you let your support teams go days without updating your customers? My technicians are REQUIRED to update customers even if it's to say, "we still aren't sure what the problem is but we're working on it."


@takayuki Enrollments and self service are broken in the latest update. Push services have stopped working.

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Hi @dptech @cpizanias

Many thanks for your advice. Hope everything goes back to normal soon.