Jamf Pro 10.4 and Quick Add package Bug

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I was having problems with the new Quick Add package that I created after we updated to Jamf Pro 10.4. It seems that there is a bug in the Scripts>postinstall script.

I had to open the newly created Quickadd package in Composer

Scripts>postinstall scroll down to the "Use the correct binary for the os version," There is a command line missing - in my QuickAdd it is line 54. I have attached a screen shot /bin/mkdir -p /usr/local/bin

Once that command was entered, and the QuickAdd was saved, I was back in business.

I hope this helps others!



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@isterling.goaaa - lovely, right?

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@scottb So there's a solution to that, actually, and it works quite well:


This will tell the JSS that you want a quickadd package instead of the automatic push via the browser. I've tested it in a couple of cases in my QA environment and it seems to work. I still have a little more testing to do, but for now this seems to be the fix.

Special thanks to the JAMF support engineers for giving me this tip.

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@isterling.goaaa Thank you so much for sharing! This solved it for me. I spent probably 2 hours troubleshooting with no success.