Using a stunnel proxy server to connect to G-Suite LDAP



I'm trying to connect our Jamf Cloud to our G-Suite LDAP service, which requires a certificate for authentication. As Jamf has not implemented this yet, we are forced to use stunnel on an extra server as a proxy. But it just doesn't work.

Does anybody here has done this successfully? I managed to get the Jamf Pro Cloud talking to our stunnel server and if I try to test a LDAP request directly from the stunnel host machine it also works. But as soon as I include stunnel in this process, it fails. For me, it looks like the stunnel service never actually connects to the G-Suite LDAP, but I'm not sure.

I really would appreciate any kind of help with this topic, as there is not a lot of useful input on the internet.


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yes. look at for some help