Jamf Pro 10.40 is Now Available


Good morning Jamf Nation!

Today we released Jamf Pro 10.40 which includes the App Installer Enhancements, AD CS automatic certificate revocation, improvements to JCDS uploads and some updates to the Healthcare Listener App Refresh.

App Installer Enhancements

  • Improved App Installer metadata for validating details of the software being deployed, including version, publish date and more
  • App Installers deployment status overview which includes reporting around the deployment of an application to devices in scope
  • If a computer has failed to receive the App Installer deployment, there is now a Retry button to try the deployment again without removing or re-adding a device to scope or turning off/on the deployment itself
  • Additional InstallEnterpriseApplication command information in computer management commands and history

To learn more about these enhancements, check out our blog here


AD CS Automatic Certificate Revocation

Jamf Pro 10.40 and AD CS Connector 1.1 now include a feature that will allow a certificate delivered through AD CS Connector to be revoked whenever the profile used to install it on a device is removed from that device.


Improvements to JCDS Uploads

Uploading in-house mobile device apps and ebooks from Jamf Pro to the Jamf Cloud Distribution Service is now faster and more reliable. In addition, uploads and replication from Jamf Admin to the cloud distribution point are now faster and more reliable.


Removal of Jamf Parent Association for Healthcare Listener App Refresh

App Refresh was released in Jamf Pro 10.39 and enabled healthcare customers to uninstall and reinstalls managed apps and in-house books, provided a faster way to refresh specific app content between patients without a required device reset and offered a wireless, automated process that removes on device steps for patients, staff and IT. In this Jamf Pro 10.40 release, we have implemented the functionality so that when a patient discharge message is received from the EMR and the Jamf Pro admin has opted for the App Refresh workflow, Jamf Pro will clear the Jamf Parent association.

To learn more about these new features and see resolved issues please read full release notes here.



Cloud Upgrade Schedule
Your Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environments, will be updated to Jamf Pro 10.40 based on your hosted data region below.

Need assistance identifying the Hosted Data Region of your Jamf Cloud instance? Check out this guide to find out how.



Hosted Region




Aug 12 at 1400 UTC

Aug 12 at 2300 UTC


Aug 12 at 1500 UTC

Aug 13 at 0000 UTC


Aug 12 at 2200 UTC

Aug 13 at 0800 UTC


Aug 12 at 2300 UTC

Aug 13 at 0600 UTC

us-east-1 sandbox/us-west-2-sandbox

Aug 13 at 0000 UTC

Aug 13 at 0900 UTC


Aug 13 at 0400 UTC

Aug 13 at 1700 UTC


Aug 13 at 0700 UTC

Aug 13 at 2000 UTC


Next Steps

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For information on what's new in Jamf Pro 10.40, please review the release notes.


New Contributor III

Jamf STILL hasn't updated Tomcat??????????????!!!!!!!!!

This is incredibly negligent.

Valued Contributor

What does this mean?

Starting in Jamf Pro 10.40, more JCDS upload types will utilize the newer code path implemented in Jamf Pro 10.28 or later and JCDS 1.4.2 or later for GUI package uploads.

Does it resolve or partly help with PI108441 - PI-004101?

Is the GUI of the Jamf Admin app or the GUI of the jamf web browser console?

Legendary Contributor III

I'm wondering about this too. "utilize the newer code path"  doesn't have any meaning to me. Sounds like something internal under the hood that Jamf understands, but most of us users aren't going to. Can someone at Jamf explain what affect this has on things?

Valued Contributor

It turns out the actual release notes make more sense than the summary above.  Here is what I found in the full release notes:

  • Uploading in-house mobile device apps and ebooks from Jamf Pro to the Jamf Cloud Distribution Service is now faster and more reliable. In addition, uploads and replication from Jamf Admin to the cloud distribution point are now faster and more reliable.

I also discovered that JDCS has version release notes: https://docs.jamf.com/jcds/release-notes/Release_History.html


Hi @jhalvorson , this is correct and thank you for sharing the release notes text!

To answer one of your original questions, this update can partly help with PI108441 by making the service more reliable, but is not meant as a complete resolution for that PI.

New Contributor III

Still no option for MFA in Jamf Pro Cloud instances???

Contributor II

I just updated to 10.40, Model is still Showing Model Identifier for the new M2 MacBook Pro/Air so any groups/searches based on Model (not) Like MacBook are going to miss these:

From Inventory/Hardware:

Model Identifier:Mac14,2
Serial Number:XXXXXXXXXX
Processor Speed:
Number of Processors:1
Total Number of Cores:8
Processor Type:Apple M2
Apple Silicon:Yes
Architecture Type:arm64