Jamf Pro 9.101 and AppleTV Profiles


Hi guys,

I've just updated my JAMF server to 9.101, and noticed some issues when using configuration profiles with AppleTVs, 10.2 or 11.0.

The first issue is that AppleTV's name don't change if the restriction, Allow modifying device name under iOS and tvOS, is not checked.

The second issue is that when I check the box Allow AirPlay, under tvOS, and save the profile, it actually disables AirPlay and checks the box Allow control using Remote app. The workaround is uncheck both boxes and after saving it, they are both checked.

Has anyone else came across these issues too?



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Hi @luispalumbo ,

Thanks for posting this! As a quick note, Jamf 9.101 added support for changing device names for supervised Apple TV devices running tvOS 11 or greater.

The behavior you see with not being unable to rename a device that has the restriction to disallow modifying device name installed is expected behavior, for both iOS and tvOS devices. This restriction blocks both end-user and IT admins from changing the name via an MDM command.

To achieve a goal of keeping the device consistently named, however, I would suggest checking the "Enforce Mobile Device Name" box when editing the inventory record. If a device checks in with a different name than the Jamf server has on file, it will send a command to change it back.

Regarding your note on tvOS restrictions for "Allow AirPlay" and "Allow control using Remote App" switching values when the profile is saved, Jamf is tracking this as product issue PI-004444. Thanks for posting the workaround as you observed it as well.



Hi @mark.buffington ,

Thanks for your reply. And that's good to know that the restrictions is a known issue now.

I probably didn't specify my naming issue correctly. What's happening is that the name doesn't change at all, even when I check the "Enforce Mobile Device Name", unless I allow modifying device name.


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What's happening is that the name doesn't change at all, even when I check the "Enforce Mobile Device Name", unless I allow modifying device name.

Yes, that's what I believe mark.boffington is saying is "expected behavior". When "Allow modifying device name" is unchecked, it prevents ALL name modifications - including those by JSS (or other) MDM commands. Both end user and administrative name changes are 100% disallowed.

I confirm this is how JSS has worked for me when it comes to iOS names since name enforcement was added.

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I typically do as mark.boffington suggests, and set "Enforce Mobile Device Name" on in the device record. You don't need to disallow name changes via config profile - when the device checks in, it will always reset to the 'enforced' name.

Downside is that you do need to enable this per-device in JSS or via API. Upside is you can update the device name by updating the record.

If you really, really want the name to stay as it was originally set, push a profile restricting name changes. When that profile is in effect, end users can't change the name (it's greyed out) AND administrative users can't change the name via JSS (name reverts to name locked in on the device).

Even with "Enforce MD Name" enabled, it doesn't disable the end-user UI. But the device name does reset after edits, upon device checkin.

HTH clarify.

Potentially relevant FR, with commentary: https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/3670/enforce-mobile-device-name-via-api


Thanks for your reply, @JesseNCSD.

I'll have a look on this again and on the discussion you suggested.

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Hello everybody,

thanks for this hind.
I had the same problem and used your proposed workarround.
It worked very well.

I hope it's fixed in the next build.