Jamf Pro 9.99.0 - Beta program is now open

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The Jamf Beta program is now open for Jamf Pro 9.99.0.

The first beta build of Jamf Pro 9.99.0 includes, but is not limited to, a new Semantic Versioning schema for all Jamf Pro applications, expanded iOS Lost Mode data collection and display, enhancements to iOS management commands, iOS configuration profile payload updates, a new macOS configuration profile payload, enhancements to the Apple School Manager integration (including the ability to connect multiple instances of Apple School Manager to Jamf Pro), and more.

We encourage you to participate in each round of beta testing to experience the entirety of Jamf Pro 9.99.0.

If you would like to participate in the beta program, please enroll at the beta homepage on Jamf Nation under My Assets. After enrollment, please reference our Release Notes for a complete listing of what is included in the beta build. Remember this is a beta release. We strongly encourage you not install this software in a production environment. Also, the beta program is operated under non-disclosure, so please do not share any information regarding your testing in any public forum including the non-beta sections of Jamf Nation. Use the Jamf Nation Beta forums or contact your Jamf buddy with any questions regarding the beta.

Thank you to all those who participate in the program


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Runs to my assets...!!! Semantic Versioning YES!!!!



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Semantic Versioning... now this IS exciting! (Ah, what things JSS engineers find exciting....)

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including the ability to connect multiple instances of Apple School Manager to Jamf Pro

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Jamf Pro 10 beta? Anyone?

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This is possibly the best reply ever!


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what is the criteria to enroll for beta program ?

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Hello @Rahulsoni24,

Thanks for asking.

To enroll into the beta program you need to be a current Jamf customer. We require that you have had your Jumpstart and been using the current Jamf Pro Server for at least 90 days.

There is a new beta program underway right now for v 10.

You can find the post here Introducing the Jamf Pro 10 beta program

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