Jamf Pro (Casper Suite) Inventory in a Dashboard


Hi All,

I recently gave a talk during the London Apple Admins, one question I was asked during my presentation is how I managed to get jamf Pro (Casper Suite) data onto a dashboard.

Which looked a bit like this:


I've written up a guide on how it works over here

Hope it's helpful for you all, interested to know if anyone has any other examples they can share?



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Hi there,

I've followed the guide and unfortunately I cannot retrieve the information from Jamf.
Basically the dashboard is created and running. Also I've added the information I want to get from Jamf.
Now, I rather to use powershell to get the information required than creating a bash file (as the last comment in your guide). The error that I receive is the following:

"Drats! That Dashboard doesn't exist. You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved."

I've checked the different options and I do not know why the request has to be sent to "/yourDashboard/widgets/widget_id"
I don't see any file in the widgets folder with any of the widget_id I've provided in "yourdashboard.erb" file.
I can retrieve the info I need with the script with no problem, but it doesn't seem to find the location where it needs to post the info.
At the moment I am only trying with 1 computergroup, which is the first one in the dashboard.5270468512a4471e9b4662a86d9ee371

I've attached some screenshots in case it helps.

PD: I've changed the urls for security reasons :)