Jamf Pro Database Performance Enhancement

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I just saw that Jamf Pro 10.27 is out and has this waning: "Jamf Pro 10.27 includes a database performance enhancement which requires MySQL 5.7.8 or later." Does anyone know exactly what the performance enhancement is? I am running MariaDB and want to make sure it is supported. Thanks.


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I can't answer the question about the performance enhancements, but I can say that I tried the 10.27 upgrade on our test JSS running latest the available MariaDB (10.1) for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and the post-upgrade initialization of the JSS failed at updating database schemas.

There's a feature request that's been open since 2013 for MariaDB support, in case you haven't already upvoted. https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/1412/mariadb-support

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I know this is kinda late but my 2 cents:

I tested 10.7.0b2 with MariaDB 10.4... it had some weird issues, but I didn't get to test much.
We decided to hold off on upgrading to 10.27 in production mainly because of Self Service UI changes.

I would highly recommend testing thoroughly.

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Jamf will never support another database, no matter how long we wait, no matter how many times we ask.

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@barnesaw that's unfortunate, a few years ago we had some breakout sessions with Jamf's Dev team, for an effort to provide compatibility with MS SQL (etc.).