Jamf Pro Server Installer for MacOS being discontinued

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Just wondering if anyone else saw in the product release notes under the 'Deprecations and Removals' section that Jamf in going to discontinue support for the Jamf Pro installer for MacOS in a future release? They recommend moving to Jamf Cloud or changing your servers to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, or Windows. https://docs.jamf.com/10.35.0/jamf-pro/release-notes/Deprecations_and_Removals.html


I understand that they don't support Server installation on the new Apple Silicon but we use several Intel based macs to run application servers that are years away from being out of date.


Does anyone else use Mac hardware to run Jamf Pro Server? Is this going to cause issues for you?


Has anyone moved from on-premise Jamf Pro to Jamf Cloud? If so, were you forced to re-enroll your devices. We have almost 29,000 devices enrolled. Moving to Jamf Cloud is only an option for us if it's possible to move without re-enrolling.



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We moved from on-prem to cloud several years ago.  Other than setting up Jamf Infrastructure Manager for on-prem LDAP access, it was pretty painless, and no re-enrollment (we're also pretty small- less tan 1500 devices at the moment)

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We move to cloud a couple years back.  Super easy to do.  Assuming you currently have a normal domain (.com, .edu, etc) for your address (not company.local or company.inc).  The migration team gives you all the details of what needs to happen and on go live poof devices start checking into the new cloud instance.

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We were on-premise Jamf installed on macOS. I had a lot of MySQL crashes. Yes, I was able to restore this back with Jamf and eventually, on my own because it happened frequently and randomly. Once we moved to a Windows Server, all the issues were gone.

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I moved my database server to windows a few years ago due to similar issues. Though I kept all my application servers running on MacOS because I noticed for some reason there was additional lag on processing device commands when devices were being load balanced to the windows server.