Jamf Pro UI issue - blinking number in patch management

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Has anyone else seen this? (You might need to replay it a couple times to catch it, focus on the 03:0... in the release date of last row and second from the top - for best result download the video and loop it.) On a static window at just the right size, characters will swap with ellipses if they're at the edge of the column. This probably happens in other places in the UI as well... Not a huge deal to be sure but a little distracting. 

Not as frustrating as if you're the type that likes to view a lot of inventory items by default so you always have to scroll far far to the right to add a device to a scope. 

Not as frustrating as having buttons at the bottom right of the UI when there's wasted empty space at the top of the window. 

Not as frustrating as when you're on the go and someone needs a FileVault Recovery Key and you discover you can't figure out a way to get to that information on your iPhone.

Not as frustrating as when you want to change the name of a group but can't because it's assigned used as criteria somewhere else... nor can you click a group or device's name in the scope tab. Smart groups' dependency report tab is great, btw, please implement this for all things that are used in other places.

Not as frustrating as when you're looking at a policy's script payload but you can't click that script name, you have to go to settings > computer management > scripts to find it... or that the there's no dependency reports like with smart groups. (Packages - and probably other places - should have this too.) 

Not as frustrating as when Apple pushes updates and iterates a build number but not a version, or updates an app version on one OS version but not the others, and you can't tell your management how long it will take to get 100% patched because you're reliant on users to click buttons to approve the update because privacy. Especially not as frustrating as that!

But all these little things add up to making being a Mac Admin a lot less enjoyable than it used to be.


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The inconsistency in the interface is almost becoming parody.. while we stare at a static dashboard, that only updates when you refresh the page and can only be arranged by juggling naming and adding odd characters and spaces to move things around. 


And then yes, inventory is way off.. 

Why is there no search box in smart groups? 

And the iPhone this is really annoying, just want to look up some info on a devices.. nope. 

And the 'new' JAMF apps, with their deployment status.. thats.. only available on the status tab, not on the dashboard. 

And with Application usage, you can't save a report or export..

And lets not mention the ability to go back a page...