Jamf Quick Add 2021

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I thought I would share what I have come up with for a new Big Sur and above Quick Add.pkg

If you are not aware Jamf has sunset the Quickadd.pkg in Big Sur due to the profiles command being sunset by Apple in Big Sur. So I created my own quickadd.pkg to replace this that works with Big Sur.

Here are the things you'll need:

1. Create a Jamf Pro Enrollment Invitation (How to here) Note you can add a fake SMTP server to enable this feature.
2. Jamf Composer
3. This post-install quick add script (Here)



1. Open Jamf Composer and create a blank pkg
2. Add the post-install script from step 3 after you have added in your Jamf Pro URL and enrollment invite ID
3. Build as a PKG
4. Run this pkg on Macs you want to enroll and it will walk users through the whole enrollment process.



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@KyleEricson Kudos for sharing this, but I'd suggest calling it something like "Packaged User Initiated Enrollment" because it does not provide the silent enrollment a QuickAdd package did.