Jamf Recon is triggering a "xcodebuild" message to install the tools

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Hi folks,

Does anyone know why - out of the blue - this message started to popping out when a "jamf recon" is triggered? I've noticed 1st while doing a "Submit Inventory" policy from Self Service portal and, after that, from the Terminal as well (see below the screenshots). These are coming from both Monterey and Big Sur - tested from 2 different Macs freshly ADE.

From TerminalFrom Terminal

From the Self Service policyFrom the Self Service policy





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Have you tried running sudo jamf recon -verbose ? It might be something happening in an extension attribute. 

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@sdamiano You're a genius, man!!! Yep, that was it - I totally forgot about this "Xcode" EA that I've created back in December (it was related to the log4j stuff at that time and I wanted to see which version of Xcode we have on our Macs). Thanks a lot, man!!! 👏