JAMF School APi

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I am looking at wanting a Powershell script to access the JAMF School API to pull a list of devices and their WiFi Mac addresses.

Any hints or directions for a start with he JAMF API?


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I have been working on writing a bash script that utilize Javascript (through osascript) to assign new owners to devices. My experience is pretty limited in this.

You can find the documentation for the Jamf School API by going to Organization > Settings > API. I believe what you're looking for would be gathered from the "List devices" (/devices) section.

It is worth noting that whenever I pull from our full list of devices, I always encounter a syntax error for a missing "}". If I filter down the list I do not get that error and everything works. I don't know if my case is isolated or if the list is bugged somehow.

Hope this helps.