Jamf Test Environment (Restoring from Backup)

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Hi, we're working on setting up a Jamf test environment that'll mirror our production server. We have the new sever set up with a fresh install of Windows Server and have completed the first steps to install java/mySQL, etc. If we're doing a restore from backup, do we need to create the databases before running the Jamf server installer? The way we're planning on restoring is through Jamf Database Utility > Restore from Backup Now. Also, during the install of MySQL, we needed to create the root password. Does it matter if that's different than the one on our production server?


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You need to create the MySQL database before restoring, because it's restored to that database. The root password for MySQL can be different, since the JSS doesn't use it.

If the username and/or password for the account used to access the database are different (which you set up when you created the database), during start-up the JSS will tell you there is a database connection issue and offer to let you edit the account info to enter the new credentials.

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Some other tips... if restoring your prod database for use in dev, these SQL commands will help.

If your prod environment uses clustering, you can run this to disable clustering after your SQL restore:

UPDATE jamfsoftware.jss_cluster_settings SET clustered=0;

Change the URL of your JSS to be your dev URL (replace the address values with your real URL):

UPDATE jss_cluster_nodes SET address='your.dev.url' WHERE address='your.dev.url';

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Thanks! We don't use clustering in our environment. I'll have to look into that to see what exactly it does!

What command can I run to change the url if I'm not using clustering?