Jamf Training Course 370

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We currently use Cisco Umbrella and Secure Endpoint. I'm extremely interested in taking the course, but it seems like it is an expensive sales pitch for Jamf Protect. I can't be the only person happy with their current AV suite but always wanting to expand my understanding of keeping my Mac fleet safe. If anyone has taken the course, can you explain the benefits of taking it if you are not switching to Jamf Protect?


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I wouldn't call it a sales pitch, as the course description clearly states its aimed at customers who have both Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect in their environments.

"The Remote Jamf 370 Course offers a core understanding of how to leverage Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect for the security of macOS endpoints"

completed myself it I will say that for the first two days you don't even touch a Jamf product, so the first half could be something of value to any Mac admin with a interest in security and compliance, but the following two days and exams practical are aimed at teaching hands on how the integration works between the two Jamf products and a what I would call as a jumpstart in the practicals of creating custom threat analytics with Protect for remediation to be done by Pro.

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@garybidwell Thanks for the feedback.  Were you already running Jamf Protect in your environment?  I want to take the 370, but we have not yet signed off on whether we will be implementing Jamf Protect in our environment; needless to say, I have 0 experience with it, aside from reading the admin guide and the Jamf Training modules.

Yes, Jamf Protect is one of many security tools we use to protect our environment, but the 370 course was what was really needed to start using it in anger.
If I was a new Jamf Protect customer (and had Jamf Pro already) then I would say to treat the 370 as a part of the onboarding/training process and build it into the project implementation costs.

thanks for the thorough answers!