JAMF versus others MDM

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Hi everyone,

I need a feature comparison between AirWatch and Casper Suite to convince a customer to change his platform to JAMF to manage MacOS devices. Anybody has it ?

Thanks a lot


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This matrix is a bit older, but it still holds up for the most part.

While there are MDMs out there that can manage iOS devices as well as JAMF, there are very few (some would say none) that are as flexible or agile at managing OS X devices as well. JAMF hews very closely to the Apple line and has day-of (very occasionally next-day) support for new OSes. We bought Casper for the OS X management and are finding its MDM features a very nice bonus.

I couldn't do my job without it, or at the very least, I'd have to hire another Tech to manage our fleets of MacBook Pros and iPads.

You might also want to read through this Reddit thread. Lots of good info and opinions here.

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Thanks for the note. Im curious to know if you had any issues getting set up? We are mostly rolling, but have stumbled on to some issues that are actually making us reconsider. Devices not registering properly, Apps and config download delays, Apple classroom not fully integrating...

I'd be a bit skeptical to think you had 0 issues, concerns when you this rolled out...

I am hoping that once / if our current issues can be resolved that these will just be setup woes, but our issues are not just ours, and though the support has been good, it hasn't been great.

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I've never met a deployment of any technology that has zero issues. I think you need to re-evaluate your biases and/or expectations.

A good administrator can engineer workaround and solutions to solve any shortfall issues or unexpected problems. Casper is a very flexible environment that allows me to write scripts or engineer a solution to a problem. I'd like to see better "messaging" features built into it, but for now I use a combination of jamfhelper, Yo, and CocoaDialog.