jamfHelper dialog disappears by itself

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This is driving me mad(er)…

I have a jamfHelper script running at the end of a policy, to display a stupid dialog box to the user, "stuff was installed". When this runs as part of a policy it flashes on screen and then immediately dismisses itself.

If I call the policy manually from the client either by custom trigger or the policy ID, then the dialog sits up nicely and awaits to be dismissed by the user-- as expected.

I've done this before without issue, what in the world am I overlooking today?


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Haven't experienced this myself. We use jamfHelper dialogs a fair amount in policy stuff. But take a look at this thread, specifically the comment from lisacherie. Possibly related?

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I was seeing that happen intermittently too until adding the -startlaunchd option when calling jamf helper.

Hope it works for you too.

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Well that was promising, but sadly I'm still running 8.1 and that option isn't present. I do see it in later versions so I added it anyway, but didn't seem to help.

I just added -startlaunchd to the end of my other commands, is that enough or are there variable for it?

/Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/jamfHelper.app/Contents/MacOS/jamfHelper -windowType utility -title 'Notification' -heading "NOTICE" -description "$4" -button1 "OK" -startLaunchd &

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There are no variables for the startlaunchd option.

but you have a capital L in the option, I don't know if the command is case sensitive but it is listed as all lower case in the help output.

Since you don't need input from the user, you could try display message instead to see if that works for you.

Usage: jamf displayMessage -message <message>

-message The message to be displayed.