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Jamf Pro 11.1.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation!Jamf Pro 11.1.0 Beta is now releasedWe're excited to announce that this beta includes Remote Assist and macOS Self Service Onboarding along with many other features and fixes. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under P...  View more

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Jamf Pro Beta Server Maintenance

Hello all! Access to the personal Beta instances you are able to request when you join the Jamf Pro Beta Program will be unavailable for an extended period of time over the coming weeks for maintenance. We'll let you know when they're back online! Th...  View more

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Patch Reporting thoughts?

Currently I use AutoPKGr for automating updates for Chrome, Adobe, Java, etc. I was wondering if anyone is using Casper's Patch Reporting and how it is working out for you?  View more

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Turning off AD Homeshare in Dock Problem/Issue

Our old practice was to have the "Use UNC path from Active Directory..." checkbox selected to make the home share path available in the Dock. We would like to deselect that option and instead use a script to provide a dock item to the home share. Thi...  View more

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Help in Reposado SUS - Mac OS Sierra Update

Hello, I have a REPOSADO SUS and for some reason I don't get any update from Mac OS Sierra 10.12.x Can you p...  View more

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Removing apps from users desktop folder

Hi guys, We have quite a few users who seem to download applications and run them from their desktop, Spotify and Chrome being the biggest culprits. I'm looking for a way to remove the application from users desktop folders. We have a couple of users...  View more

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Name Computer Based on JSS Username + Mac Model

Hello I have succefully implimented the following script. Name computer using JSS username I would like to also pull the Model of the computer from the JSS for the computer name as well so it looks something like this. "jsmith MacBook Air (13-inch Mi...  View more

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Process to Change Mac's from Static I.P's to DHCP

Hi All, I've searched around here a bit, but have not yet found what I'm looking for. Some of our Mac's are already set to DHCP, but I still have a bunch that need to be converted from static I.P's over to DHCP. Using the JSS, does anyone have a good...  View more

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Printer PKG from manufacture

Hi Everyone, I'm at the beginner stage at learning Jamf. I've been trying to add this HP452dn printer but the current macOS Sierra couldn't find the driver for this printer. I was able to find the pkg file on one of the thread in jamf nation. https:/...  View more

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How many iOS devices per Configuration Profile?

We are a medium sized school district who is about to see our managed iOS device count double from approximately 5000 to 10,000 devices. I am curious about how to best manage configuration profiles. Am I safe pushing a configuration profile to 10,000...  View more

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VPP Computer device deployment not working

What am I missing? I've been using JSS for iOS deployment for the past 10 months so the VPP account is working as expected. Currently Running version 9.98. We are now trying to implement using JSS for our OSX machines.I've purchased the free version ...  View more

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Resetting Network Adapters/Services

Hey everyone, I have seen a few old posts on resetting network adapters but looking for a better way. My current script does ok but how do you add any new detected adapters back in. Seems like my current method only adds Apples standard/default adapt...  View more

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Load Balancer questions

We have 2 JSS servers that we plan on load balancing this summer. Both use their self-signed cert. On the Load Balancer, do we need to install each JSS server's self-signed cert? Just one? For DNS, I'm thinking we CNAME the JSS Master to the load bal...  View more

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suspect AD binding/Kerberos issue

So, I was recently asked to change the URL of the data share that is mapped for all users district wide Mac or Windows. I was able to achieve that in the JSS no problem, but I seem to have a minor pesky issue that is somewhat annoying. So on a machin...  View more

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AutoPkgr and Custom Preferences

Good morning! I am exploring autopkgr and have yet to find any information on how to inject custom preferences with applications as they are bundled. For example, I do not want users to be prompted at first start of application or the application to ...  View more

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Help with AutoHide Menu Bar as Guest

We are trying to execute the following commands to Autohide the Menu Bar when the Mac logs in automatically as Guest. #!/bin/sh defaults write NSGlobalDomain _HIHideMenuBar -bool true killall Finder When we run this from either a script on JSS or fro...  View more

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Feedback error from the APNs Server

Hi all, The following error appears in a mobile device's management history in inventory:"The JSS has received a feedback error from the APNs server" I read the "Troubleshooting an APNs Feedback Error in a Mobile Device's Management History" post I t...  View more

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Compile configurations cost long time?

Hi Everyone, I am new to JAMF software.When I use Casper Admin 9.98 , after put everything I need in a configurations, and hit on the "Compile" button, it could cost couples of hours to finish the compile, is there any method that we can make this pr...  View more

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Mananged User Profile Pic

Hi All, Is there a way I can have a default picture for all my users on their login screen, Currently I have the picture stored in the Library/User Pictures but I now need to have it default for all my users pictures.Any ideas?I dont want user to hav...  View more

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System keychain cannot be found error

We have several machines that were recently updated to OS X 10.12 Sierra in which the computer is losing a wireless network password. After typing in the password for the network, the following error message Keychain "System" cannot be found to store...  View more

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