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What's new in the Jamf Pro 10.34 Release

Today we released Jamf Pro 10.34 which includes enhancements to the Jamf Parent and Jamf Teacher apps, updates to the Jamf Connect auto-deployment settings, and new Shared iPad session features. This release also gives IT admins the ability to select...  View more

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Bug in "Send an Email" Form?

I think I've found a bug with the Sender Email address field on the Send an Email feature. Does anyone else have this problem? The field says: Sender Email AddressEmail address that the JSS will send the email from Steps to reproduce:1. Go to a Smart...  View more

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Mac app store apps asking for Apple ID

We are on 9.82 and are using Device Based Assignment for all of our apps, but when I add mac app store apps (that we have licenses for) it will occasionally pop up asking for an apple ID. It seems to be only on computers that have at some point logge...  View more

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Mac\iOS In Connecticut

Hello all, I currently manage about 150 Macs and 350 iOS devices for a town here in Connecticut. As I haven't had any luck finding a nearby district that matches our current deployment, I'm expanding my search here. We've run into a few issues, mostl...  View more

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JSS REST API C# example?

Does anyone have working JSS REST API code in c#? I am trying to write an application that can grab basic computer information but I cannot find any good examples of C# and REST API. If you have any sample code, sharing is greatly appreciated. Thanks...  View more

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VPP License says being used but is not assigned

Has anyone seen this issue where it says a VPP License is being used for a App but it really isn't? If so how do you fix it to reclaim that license to give to another user? 1 VPP licenses are being used for 'Apple Remote Desktop'0 computers have 'App...  View more

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Sketch Application - So many updates so quickly

So we don't give users admin for obvious reasons and Sketch comes out with updates almost weekly at this point. The problem is their files are only compatible with the version they were made in.I haven't worked autopkg into my workflow yet (I know!) ...  View more

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Force printers to print in grayscale

Hi all, We have over 170 printers in our environment and would like to make the printers print in grayscale by default. Does anyone have a script that the have in place to do anything like this? I do not want to have to touch all 170 printers. Right ...  View more

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Log connection requests to JSS

I'm in the process of setting up a limited JSS in the DMZ, and my security architecture folks have asked for a way to monitor both successful and unsuccessful connections to that JSS. Does anyone have any advice on tomcat settings or something else t...  View more

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Sign MDM Profile using Third Party Certificate

We recently purchased Third party certificate for our DMZ tomcat. I went through the process included in this article. (https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/article.html?id=115) When I browse to the JSS, now our certificate is no longer self-signed so...  View more

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EA to report type of Hard drive

Anyone already create a script to return what kind of drive is installed? Just looking to group machines by SSD or non-SSD. Gabe ShackneyPrinceton Public Schools  View more

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Download Latest PKG's?

Hi All, I am sure I came across a site on Jamf that someone posted that links you direct to all the latest PKG downloads, photoshop, office etc? Has anyone got the link? Or could correct me if I a totally wrong - which wouldn't amaze me! Simon  View more

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Apple ID's and iPads

Hello, First of all I have had a quick check and nothing new about this has been posted for a while, so just wanted some clarification. I am about to setup a trolley full of iPads which will be all the same. Do I have to setup each iPad individually ...  View more

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In-House App version reporting issue

Hi We have an In-House app which for example is version 9.3 The app is installed and showing the correct version number in the JSS as version 9.3 When our developers push us out an update with a 3 string version number, 9.3.2 for example, we put this...  View more

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Read-only OS X account?

Is it possible to create an account in OS X that only has the ability to read or run tasks but not access or make changes?It may need a way to run commands from a remote console for auditing purposes, they were denied using the root account, any sugg...  View more

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Unattended installation with password passthrough

I built a pkg using Platypus that is designed to run an unattended install using the following script: #!/bin/sh sudo installer -allowUntrusted -verboseR -pkg "/path-to-pkg" -target / I added the following line to present the users with a notificatio...  View more

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HTTPS downloads / IIS and Server certificates

I Inherited our jamf/jss management and wasn't here for the provisioning. Our server certificate in IIS that enables https downloads in Jamf is expiring next month. I see there's a Renew... option, but I'm not sure how to renew it. (options include r...  View more

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Preventing root access

Here on the campus I work it's been standard for years for the full time staff and faculty to have admin privileges on their Windows and Mac systems. I've opposed this over the 18 years I've been employed but it falls on deaf ears. After some recent ...  View more

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Add Wifi Networks without Admin Privileges

Hello, Currently our staff have admin privileges on our Mac OS X Machines. We would like to take this away and make them a standard user. The only thing preventing us from doing so is adding Wifi Networks either at work or home. Does anyone know a wa...  View more

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