JamfSetup and iOS Smart Device Group Automated Wallpaper issue

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I'm experimenting with JamfSetup for some proposed changes to how our campus uses iPads, and to help illustrate the changing roles of the devices, I added a wallpaper for each Smart Device Group. For the most part, it's changing the desktop, but my issue is that the groups seem to be getting their wallpapers confused...

Background: for the testing, I set Jamf Setup to have four options: General, Library, MAT, and Video. I then changed each of the smart device groups, one for each option, to have a customer wallpaper for both lock and home screens - basically our school logo and the title for each group. In the process of creating/selecting/uploading them, it all went smoothly. When I tested....

When I switched contexts, the desktop didn't appear to change. I looked at the settings, and right now the wallpaper image for General, Video and Library all have the "Video" desktop.

When I fix one of the groups - Library, for example - to have the right desktop, it seems to affect the other smart groups.

Anyone else seeing this?


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I've been toying around with the same kind of thing, where the selected Jamf Setup attribute scopes the device to a different configuration profile to set home screen icons.

In my experience so far, there's a significant delay in getting the updated profiles/settings when the Setup attribute is changed and the device falls into a different scoping. I think when the Setup attribute is changed, Jamf doesn't recognize the change until the next time it queries the device for an updated inventory, at which point it sees the new Setup attribute value and scopes accordingly.

So in your case, I wonder if Jamf still sees the device as scoped to the "Video" group because it hasn't updated the inventory on the device to see that the Setup attribute has changed. What happens if you manually trigger an inventory update through Jamf on the device?

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Apparently there's an issue related to the fact that my smart groups were cloned instead of created fresh - I'm working with someone from JAMF on what I'm seeing.

I do agree that the lag between changing the setup setting and when it takes action can be frustrating - I have long felt that there should be a way for the user of an iOS device to initiate a policy/recon type action on their end.