Java - 8u111/112 - Installation Issues

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Hi All,

First time posting. Let me know if there are any details that would be helpful to have.

When Oracle released the newest version of Java 8, I created a policy as I always do to update our clients to the most recent version. It's as simple as right-click and drag and drop the javaappletplugin.pkg into Casper Admin.

Never run into issues before. However, this time around, I am getting the plug-in to install successfully, but it isn't actually working for any Java dependent sites/apps.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things I can try to get this working again?

Thank you for your time!


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There are myriad possibilities. The first thing I'd check (if you haven't already), is whether or not the user must approve the plugin in their browsers. I've never automated this, has anyone else?

If you take one of the updated computers, go to and see what the site returns (P.S. don't use Chrome).

Do you have examples fo the sites that are no longer working for you? We've found many sites that have simply stopped updating java and will no longer load. These are mostly old edu sites created by long ago College Students who've since forgotten about them.